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Información de tránsito en vivo

AppalCART utiliza los servicios de NextBus para obtener información en tiempo real.

NextBus se encuentra actualmente en transición a Umo Mobility Platform.

Since August 9, 2021, AppalCART has partnered with TransLoc as our Real-Time Passenger Information System. 

For information on downloading the TransLoc app, see the information below.

TransLoc services are available at AppalCART

TransLoc is the new real-time transit app that AppalCART will be used to provide information for our users. 

For use, download the TransLoc app from Google Play or Apple App Stores. 

TransLoc app

Scan this QR code 

to download the app.

Google Play & Apple App Store

If you previously used NextBus, those features are no longer available since July 22, 2021. 

Live Transit Web Map

Live Transit Web Map -

Now Available! 

As AppalCART continues the transition to TransLoc, we are now able to provide more services for your use as we previously offered. There is now a Live Transit Web Map that you can access to view active bus routes in real-time in a web browser. It is available at this web address:

For those that are unable to use TransLoc via a smartphone, we offer this web map as an option to view real-time information for you. 

TransLoc App

TransLoc App: How To Use Tips

How-To Use Tutorial

🚌 A quick tutorial for using the AppalCART real-time passenger information app by TransLoc. 🚌

How to View Messages in the TransLoc App

AppalCART is using TransLoc as our new Real-Time Passenger Information System. 

The TransLoc app features messages where you can find important route information.


Follow these 3 easy steps to know the latest on your route! 

🚌 (1) Open the app and select Me
🚌 (2) Tap the message bubble in the right corner
🚌 (3) Select the announcement to read
✔ AppalCART will post the latest updates here! 

Stay informed of route changes through the TransLoc app, our social media (Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook), and our website (

TransLoc How-To Help

For direct and additional assistance with the app, feel free to call our office at 828.297.1300.

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